Rough Day...

Sometimes it happens.

A bit of homesickness is kicking in, and yesterday Riv had a tough time being dropped off for school. During her lessons she switched classes from the four year-old class, demanding instead to participate with the five year-olds who were learning, wait for it...English! In conversation later, when asked why she didn't stay with her class, she told me (in perfect Spanish) "Pero Papi, ¡ya sé hablar ingles y quería irme allá!" [This translates: But Dad, I already know how to speak English, and I wanted to go there!]

Thankfully, this morning's drop-off was better. Along with her classmates, today she prepares for next Saturday's Father's Day celebration for which both Joy and I will be present! I don't know what is involved in the festivities, but I had to provide her teachers with the following materials for craft-making: a white coffee mug, a fly-swatter, and an empty bottle of rum.

...Can't wait.

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Rachel said...

This is going to be SUCH a great experience for River! I can't believe how she already knows that much Spanish!!
And maybe seeing her Mama next weekend will help her with the homesickness!
Love reading your blog!