...River picked our potatoes at the downtown market, protested against those who throw trash in the river (I'm serious...this was her first SA preschool project), deftly manuevered the largest teeter-totter I've ever seen, began the process of learning a traditional dance that she will dance along with her classmates to celebrate Father's Day, and swam in a swimming pool filled by hot springs so laden with iron as to make the color of the water almost completely orange.

Again, with obvious exceptions, River captured the images below.


Anonymous said...

Tyler! What a blessing to hear about y'alls life right now, and to see some great pics! Glad to hear you guys are doing well and it seems like your having a blast! Blessings!

- Julie Loftin

Ian North said...

Wow. So many of these pictures remind me of growing up in the Philippines. Especially the color of the swimming pool.