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When our son was born in early 2007, my wife, daughter and I were living in a three-story, six-bedroom house in Canada (Vancouver, BC) along with six other people and a dog. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights we would have what we called "community dinners" where one resident would cook for all the rest. I looked forward to the nights when Stephanie cooked.

Post April 2007, we all moved away and the house was torn down and replaced by two, tall duplexes. But Stephanie's cooking lives on.

Last year she began her blog - http://www.dollopofcream.com/ - and it's getting noticed. Most recently by salon.com who awarded her in the crisp category.


An excerpt from Stephanie:

Rote grütze has been on my mind for the last seven summers.

My relatives served it to me in Hamburg when I was visiting, and I remember being surprised by the tart red berries and cataloguing it in my mind as yet another delicious German dessert.

They served it – thick and saucy and full of berries – with a light vanilla sauce.
That is the traditional way to eat rote grütze and I heartily recommend it.

However, I happen to have vanilla ice cream on hand . . . and that led to the revelation that I could put rote grütze on top of ice cream instead of sauce on top of rote grütze.

Rote grütze literally means red groats. Groats, I have learned from extensive research, are any hulled cereal grain. Here, they refer to plump and ripe summertime berries... [Read more]

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