There Is A Time For Mourning

In her own words, River told me today that she is feeling deep sadness.

She attended Peruvian preschool Friday for the last time in 2009. At the end of class, her teacher Irlinda gathered together the entire school - all teachers and all students - to say goodbye. They gave her gifts, wished her well, and thanked her for being their friend.

As I walked home, carrying her in my arms, River whispered in my ear, "Quiero a Irlinda mucho," which in English means, "I love Irlinda so...much."

By a friend I met recently in a cafe we were invited to attend a celebration tonight at a Jewish house, one of countless homes situated at popular travel destinations around the world to which Jews frequent and at which they commune. But I don't think we will go.

Because River is grieving.

And rightfully so.


hayne said...

I remember that cross and vista in your last pictures included in this post.
What great memories.
How incredible to enjoy that beautiful city again as a family.

Mourn well.

Anonymous said...

Tyler! She has such a sweet spirit, doesn't she! We miss you guys.
-Michele Hand

Ian North said...

T, the way your family works is a huge inspiration to me. Your kids will learn to be a gift to the world and to recieve the world as a gift to them.

I've really enjoyed checking in on this blog. Keep up the adventures.