Singing The Soul Back Home Without Putting It To Sleep

Miriam Jones is a friend of ours from Vancouver who now lives with her stellar husband, Jez Carr, in the UK (Oxford). A bit of her bio is below, and some of her tunes are on her site. Enjoy.

Miriam Jones has a way of singing the soul back home without putting it to sleep, a feat not easily accomplished in the world of the woman singer songwriter. Poppy and light? Yes. Soulful and reflective? Indeed. Folky and human? Absolutely. Jones has a particular gift for writing earth and angels side by side, and a voice suited to sounding them so.

Jones, a Canadian, completed her first full-album effort in 2005 entitled Sign & Semblance, with which she stepped into the Vancouver music scene where a track from the album called 'Squander' caught the attention of Canadian Television's Falcon Beach producers who featured it in the show's 11th episode. Learning from the song's popularity, Jones began honing her songwriting in its footsteps. Two years later she flew to Nashville to complete her follow-up album 'Being Here' under award winning producer and songwriter Charlie Peacock. Jones then returned to Vancouver where CBC picked up the album and featured Jones as ‘artist of the week'. Several songs from the record have been contracted for use by various North American indie film-makers, and Jones has recently moved to the UK to promote the album.

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